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Buy 5 Microdermabrasion Treatments for only $500, regular $625

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$130 $150

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$179 $245
One Hour Signature Facial + One Hour Signature Body Massage + Detoxifying Masks for Hands and Feet
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$179 Signature Facial +  Signature Massage

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10 minutes massage

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$49.95  50 minutes MASSAGE
Saturday Special

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"Probably We Will Prolong Your Life With Our Special Massage"

          At Callatis Spa you have all services at affordable prices.
We provide body treatments, relaxing, therapeutic and hot stone massage, aromatherapy facial, purifying facial, collagen, waxing services and hair removal (bikini, brazilian, legs, arms, back wax), ear candling, eyelash extensions, nails (manicure and pedicure). Our clients from Akron, Cuyahoga Falls and Kent appreciate our services.

          All our therapeutic procedures are made for your mind and body healthy, for your wellness, and beautiful body and spirit.
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          Did you know?
Massages can prolong your life. Bob Hope used to have massages every day and he lived until the age of 101. Maria Suciu said: "I have a secret technique in massage therapy and because  I include Reiki and other techniques I am sure the benefits for my clients are outstanding. I am 99 percent sure that I prolong your life with every new treatment and you will feel it."

          Very important. The results for body procedures will be seen after 2 - 4 - 8 appointments.
For example, we recommend ear candling treatments every 3-4 months. For somebody who are experiencing a lot of wax building and sinus problems, every month.
Also, we recommend facials every 4-6 months for a long term investment. After every facial you will see a very natural beauty enhanced, but after 7 facials will be a fabulous improvement for the skin and a new relaxed YOU.

CallatisSpa Team.

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