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Callatis Spa - Beauty Spa in Akron, Massage in Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio


With Callatis Spa You will discover Royal skin care Services in Akron!

     From the moment you enter our cosy Spa, you are certainly aware that you are enveloped in an aura of an aromatic sense, relaxing music and a gentle space of serenity. Our Spa is small and personalized, with uplifting and relaxing environment, were we provide specialized, private services to each of our customers. Clients can relax and rejuvenate, while they are pampering with special services in our beautifying, luxurious environment. Our sensitive staff caters to your every when. You will leave your appointment feeling revitalized, refreshed, and as if you have been treated like Royalty!

     Treat yourself, your Mother, or your loved one, to a visit to our facility, and allow them to describe the experience as have been treated as Royal! Kings and Queens you are all welcome! Nutrition and a healthy life style is very important and will show on everybody's skin. Just imagine an orange fresh cut with all of the fresh smell and healthy texture and another orange cut 3 days ago... What a fenommenal difference! Same fruit, different look! You can have a similar view imaging a professional treated skin, with the best services and products, versus a abandoned looking skin ... A good care of your skin is extremely necessary to can look and feel the best of you.

     At Callatis you will find European products, organic, with unique fragrances! You will feel renewed and toned, you will be amazed by the excellent power of the European products, techniques, passion for skin care and, beautiful, strong energy! You will find special designed skin care services and organic products for everyone. What is more important than looking and feeling healthy and beautiful...Let's make a difference in everybody's life.

     At Callatis Spa You will find the perfect place for microdermabrasion, skin care treatments and classes, couple relaxation massages, reiki, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, waxing, ear candling, makeup application and classes, information about supplements and nutrients, wellness house, ultimate facials (anti-aging, for acne, hydrating, anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin prone to rosacea, omega-peels) and body packages (scrubs an wraps for cellulite, dry skin, prone to acne skin), customized skin care products for your home skin care regimen, gift certificates for any occasion.

Education and beauty for the young generation, men and women any ages! I specially invite everyone to call and make your reservation! Keep and treat the beauty and radiance of your skin! Keep Your Body, Mind, and Soul in Balance!

    Callatis existed thousands of years ago. It is one of the oldest city in Romania, where natural cure factors of the water of the Black Sea, baths with cure factors, therapeutical mud, and the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols wonderful for the body, were important factors for treatments and beautification.

Callatis, in Greek means "The Most Beautiful"...

Located in a very convenient commercial Plaza, in Cuyahoga Falls, you will find services like hair shops, grooming pets, kids kuts, and skin care, plaza very easy to be found, were you will find very professional people to help with your needs. Callatis Spa is a dream which become true...

     My passion for Beauty began many ears ago... I was just 15 years old, being a young girl, living on the shore of the Black Sea, in Romania, inspired by my beautiful Mother, the beauty of the Sea and beaches, the power of the sun and therapeutic resorts, I've started to take care of my skin, hair, and nails....

     My passion for Beauty become true through Callatis Spa! After years of public relations, helping people to build up their businesses in Romania, I have come here in America, with my dream to help people to can feel and look beautiful inside out! With my beautiful Romanian background and experience, working for so long with people and having a passion about herbal plants for skin care and beauty, very unique and special European touch and energy, lucky to collaborate in the past experiences with my own Estheticians from Europe, I am able now to work on .

My Mission: to help people to improve their appearance, to improve their self esteem.

My philosophy is to treat everyone REGAL, like Kings and Queens!


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Callatis Spa - Beauty Spa in Akron, Massage in Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio
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