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Callatis Spa - Beauty Spa in Akron, Massage in Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

At Callatis Spa, we are committed to making your experience exceptional in every respect. As part of our commitment to your complete satisfaction, Callatis Spa is also committed to safeguarding the personal information obtained about you in the course of providing heath treatments and beauty services from unauthorized use or disclosure. In compliance with the Federal privacy legislation, Callatis Spa has created a Privacy Policy which is available on the web site at

When you come to Callatis Spa for a beauty service or health treatment, our trained front desk staff will ask you to provide only that information that is required to provide the health or beauty services that you have purchased. Where sensitive health information is required for health or beauty treatments with our aestheticians, therapists or Registred Massage Therapists, you will be asked to sign a consent form authorizing Callatis Spa to retain a record of your treatments and related health information.

Any personal, health and/or credit card information is stored in secure areas of Callatis Spa, with access limited to only those employees who are authorized to have access to such information, i.e. bookkeeper. Callatis Spa does not share, barter, sell or lease any information about its clients.

From time to time, Callatis Spa may write to you to let you know of a new treatment or seasonal offer. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, or you have a question or concern regarding our handling of your personal information, please contact us at: 330-208-2445, or by e mail at

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Callatis Spa - Beauty Spa in Akron, Massage in Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio
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